Wednesday, May 23, 2018

World Turtle Day

I love turtles.  Today we celebrate them.  Are you listening William?  This should make you happy.  William loves turtles, just like me..

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Weather Hexie - Summer is Here

This is my weather hexie for Week 19.
May 7 to 13.

15.9C,   18.2C,   22C,   20.9C,   10.6C,   13.6C,   15.9C

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Playing Catch Up

I haven't posted much lately.  I am way behind with my weather hexies.  They were getting kind of boring.  Our weather was cold and wet all through April.  All my hexies were dark green or dark blue.  But then, a couple of weeks ago, the weather warmed up.  All of a sudden it was spring.  Or maybe even summer.  I had to add yellow and orange and even red.  I love colour.  Did I ever mention that before?

So here is Week 15.
April 9 to 15.

3C,   5.8C,   5.4C,   13.4C,   5.9C,   4.6C,   1.4C

This is Week 16.  
April 16 to 22.

4C,  2C,   4.7C,   5.1C,   8.6C,   13.3C,   15.1C

Week 17.
April 23 to 29.
Lots of yellows!

15.9C,   16.3C,   11.1C,   16.4C,   14.2C,    9C,   11.2C

The following week was even warmer.  Lots of orange and red.  I love colours1  Did I mention that already?  Oh, yeah.  I did.
Week 18
April 30 to May 6.

15.9C,   23.5C,   26.3C,   23C,   24C,   24.1C,   17.4C

Okay.  I have fixed the rosettes as best I could.  I am still a long way from the finish line.  But I will never leave each week's hexie for this long again.  It is just too difficult to catch up.

Thursday, May 03, 2018

Folk Dancing

The East Toronto Folk Dance Festival was held at the beginning of the week.  It is usually held at the Town Centre, but this year they made things difficult.  So my DD, who is one of the organizers, decided to hold it at a local high school.  The weather was fantastic!  Everyone had a great time.

I took William over there on my scooter.  He wasn't very interested in the dancing, but he loved collecting pebbles, gull feathers and rolling down the hill.

Friday, April 13, 2018

And We Shall Have Snow

The north wind doth blow
And we shall have snow 
And what will poor robin do then?
Poor thing

He'll sit in the barn
To keep himself warm
And hide his head under his wing.
Poor thing.

I still have to put an eye on this guy.  It will have to wait until I find my embroidery floss.  Nothing is in its place.  I have to get organized.  

Maybe I should finish a few things.  Yeah, that's it.  Here are some scrappy star blocks.  I am going to put them together using the Quilt-As-You-Go method.

I also have to finish my weather hexie.  It has been cold this week.  And it isn't over yet.  Tomorrow we are expecting a major winter storm.  Heaving rain, strong winds and freezing rain that could cause broken tree branches and power outages..  How nice for the middle of April.

Sunday, April 08, 2018


Spring is late.  
I miss the birds singing.  
So if the birds won't come to me, 
I'll just make some.

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Weather Hexie

When is it going to warm up?  We had another cold week.  But the good news is... I did see a robin, several actually.

Very exciting!  I know spring is coming when I see my first robin.

This little chunky guy just pulled a worm out of the ground.  

I don't  know how he did that.  We still have night frost and often the ground is frozen in the mornings.  We had a severe storm pass through here a couple of days ago.  It rained all night and yesterday the wind was astronomical.  We had gusts up to alnost 100km/hr.  It blew a huge crane over, knocked window panes out of buildings and uprooted trees, causing power outages.  And it blew part of our fence over.  

Here is my hexie for last week.  It was Easter last Sunday so I used a scrap of fabric with chicks on it.  My birthday was also last week.  I found some fabric with baloons on it.  +  My hexi is very green.  We had warner weather in January.

So here is hexie 13 for March 26 to April 1.

7.3C   7.4C   8.2C   7.2C   5.8C   8.3C   4.6C

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